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We offer consulting services and welcome business-to-business and university partnering

Product/project development and proposal development are the main ways BLS adds value to our business relationships in the areas of Electromagnetic Impedance Spectroscopy and Tomography with System and Sensor Modeling, Material Characterization, and Nondestructive Detection.

Impedance sensors and instruments can be designed to help increase efficiency, safety, and performance.  They can be made to operate non-invasively to optimize usability.  For example, monitoring non-invasive property changes within fluid mixtures could identify deterioration of additives or breakdown due to mechanical wear.   Monitoring the property changes of simple or complex materials could identify and locate problem areas such as non-optimal porosity (e.g., compaction). 

When dielectric spectroscopy in the radio frequency (RF) range is applied to a heterogeneous material, it is dominated by interfacial polarizations.  Sensors and instruments can be designed to exploit these interfacial polarizations and allow for monitoring composition changes or identification of anomalous behavior or property/object.